About the Company

Holmlund Masonry Inc. is a Masonry Restoration company, specializing in Repairing, Rebuilding, and Replacing anything made of Brick, Block, Stone, Stucco or Concrete.


We specialize in Chimney Repair, Tuckpointing and Brick Replacement and Restoring areas of Masonry structures that are exposed to excessive water.


The company has evolved into restoration after many years of specializing in installing new Custom Brick Fireplaces and wrapping new houses with Custom Brick and Stone Veneer.


We also do Water Proofing as well as diagnostic troubleshooting for the source of Water leaks.


Tim Holmlund continues the family legacy at being a third generation mason of our company founded in 1907 and is one of the last of the masons to have mastered the trade of Fireplace and Chimney construction when these were a common component of new residential housing.   Most every house built at the time had an all Masonry Fireplace with an All Masonry Firebox and Brick Chimney.


The company is operated from industrial North 2nd Street in downtown Northloop Minneapolis.

Eric Holmlund with his masonry crew, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1927. Tim's Grandfather, upper row, 5th from right.

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